Rhytm Ch a ng  e

The rhythm of simple repetition or regular alternation is part of almost every space. It is a regular rhythm of infinitely long staircases. The rhythm of repeating elements on the facade of a building. Chairs lined up regularly side by side in lecture rooms, benches in churches, seats in public transport. The rhythm of ornaments. The rhythm of the balustrades of baroque buildings.
The ubiquitous rhythm of perfectly fitting situations, expressed in the regularity of repeating objects. The movement of people all over the world stops. The regular rhythm is breaking down, but is that a reason to stop altogether? By using a conveyor belt, which is used in mass production, and composing from hand-poured glass on metal without using a mould, I create a contrast between regularity and rhythm, repetition and alternation.
I work with the theme of obsessive repetition and adherence to regularity.


Cast glass

metal conveyor belt

steel construction




9m x 1m x 0.7m