Slow and intense glass digging. Hour and hours of mass tumbling with the power of sand and air. Imitation of natural influence on glass materiale and working with time itself. Exposed objects are made by the glass melting technique. Those objects excavated by sandblasting which creates a crater that naturally creates a silhouette. As a basic shape for my object, I’ve chosen a cylinder. Two crystal cylinders have been both sandblasted from a different side of view for hours. Object with the grey-smokey color I’ve decided to exposed with any touch of sandblasting. For melting, technology recognition are objects polished only from the upper part. That also leads to the fact that we can see threw the whole object. Peripheral sides are left with the structure that came out of the plaster-sand form. Final objects are somewhere between fine and applied art. The finished product is a vase, witchs main purpose is not being a vessel for flower, but overall reflection  about work with a long period of time and intense structure creating. 


Light blue glass

Petroleum black glass




16 kg each